new releases

just when you thought we were dead.. distant worker eps ‘david janssen was innocent’ and ‘just a cog in the corporate world b/w no greater dub’ are out now on early astronauts.

they will be playing shows in houston tx & elsewhere soon.

in other local news –

AFTER PARTY have played shows recently and are recording an album.

THE WIGGINS last couple shows have been acoustic outings, which brought to mind the legendary CLASH busking tour of 1985.

INDIAN JEWELRY is back in town, and PLEASURE 2 are  playing shows.

Lucas Gorham’s project THE NEW MERCIES have released an excellent new ep – their fitz show last week may have been the show of the year, the most fun we’ve had at a show since A THOUSAND CRANES played that skatepark a few years ago.

HEARTS OF ANIMALS have a great new album out and have been playing a lot of shows recently. their rudyards performance was especially great.

HOLY MONEY (former members of hatred surge & gay marriage) played their first show recently and had an excellent new 3 song cassette to offer the punks. holy money is playing at mangos on 9/11. and they’ll be releasing a 7″ in the near future.

HELICOPTER MANOEUVRES is a new trio made up of kirston (after party) & richard (distant worker & ex-a thousand cranes) along with shawn rameswhar (ex-a thousand cranes etc). they played their first show on the 5th of july at vinal edge records.

DIRTY CHRISTMAS is a relatively new duo with joel reed parker (fiskadoro) & richard (fiskadoro & distant worker) doing improv stuff. they can play anywhere – hit them up.

-sharpe james

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a couple things

it looks like the DISTANT WORKER thing won’t be coming out anytime soon.

but in the meantime we have a new video from FISKADORO. ok, so they haven’t played a show in almost 7 months but they are staying busy.

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distant worker finished recording the debut ep DAVID JANSSEN WAS INNOCENT today. it will be out soon. and, soon after, perhaps some shows.

a week ago fiskadoro made the charts. read all about it:

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where we left off/what we’re up to

early astronauts label

1. A THOUSAND CRANES inna bombshelter (mixes by FSKD)

2. MONOTYPE SORTS all spies are on the same side e.p.
3. FISKADORO dubai e.p.

2013 (sooncome)
4. DISTANT WORKER david janssen was innocent cdr
5. FISKADORO theskyisred cd

and later on… SPIES deconstructing christmas cdr (re-issue)

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the much beloved swamp bats online interview magazine, a sort of proust quiz for the post-stereolab generation. they are now presenting an interview with the fskd.

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houston dance party friday!

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show on friday!

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